Why to join Clixsion? What makes us diffrent from the others?

We are offering up to $0.02 per click and up to $0.0125 per referral click. You can get higher rate if you choose one of ours memberships.

PPC Advertising - We will pay for every valid click! PPC Ads are something new that we can offer in PTC business, we can promise high rates after launch!

We are offering two diffrent memberships, Loyal & Premium. We both of them you will boost your earnings and get much higher rates! Upgrade in launch promo and get discount up to 50%

Rent Referrals - We are offering only active and real members, not robots. It's simple, on Clixsion we don't offer any "ponzi schemes" like revenue share or any kind of packages. You will earn revenue from our advertisers, not from us!

Our advantages

Why do advertisers choose us?

Security has priority

Security of your connection to our website is provided by 128-bit encryption from CloudFlare.com. It makes it much more difficult for unauthorized persons to view information transferring from your computer to the site. That’s why it is unlikely that anybody can steal your data during its upload.

GEO Targeting

Geo-targeting or geotargeting refers to the practice of delivering different content or advertisements to a website user based on his or her geographic location.

Affordable Prices

We are offering one of the cheapest rates for advertising packages. You can choose any kind of advertising for cheap rate. Banner, Text, Login, PPC etc...

Fair Play

We are giving 90% to our members from your advertising. So we can guarantee that we will delivere any amount of click that you ordered! 10% we keep for our fees. That is one of biggest advantages that Clixsion offers!

Payment Gateways

We are accepting many payment gateways. You can pay with almost any currencies here. Also we are acepting any Visa or MasterCard! Bank Wire or Sepa are possible only for amount higher than $500.

Team of Professionals

Everybody in our team from IT specialist to economic experts is a real professional, working in the interests of the whole project, therefore in the interests of all its members. Working as a team significantly increases possibilities for each of us.